There once was a girl who was 8,

who absolutely loved to create.

She could make anything with some cardboard and tape.

She had big dreams,

such as, eating nothing but cookie dough ice cream.

Thoughts like this made her beam.

She could play outside all day long,

and all that activity and fresh air made her strong.

She wasn't too keen on admitting when she was wrong...

but she could make your heart swell when she'd sing you a song.

She loved animals of every kind,

and when she was riding horse she "shined".

But, one of the neatest things about her was her mind,

she could read any book you could find.

NOW, that little girl is turning 9.

I wonder if she'll still want to make slime??

Whatever this year brings, I know that she'll be just fine,

and I'm happiest because I know she's all mine.

Happy birthday, Lilah! We love you SO, SO, SO much!