Seven years old and still the sweetest little girl I know. I love everything about you and this age right now.

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  • love 1st grade, your teacher and your friends!
  • love books
  • love art, will sit and work on drawing all day!
  • love playing outside with the neighbors
  • love riding your bike
  • love your new puppy, Harley!
  • love your big sister more than ever, you two goof off daily
  • love movies and legos and a little XBox
  • love being silly, making people laugh, telling jokes
  • love when you can see your cousins
  • love ice cream and all things sweet
  • love your "stuffies"...I think you may have close to 100 by now
  • love your life!


For your birthday dinner you requested tacos...and instead of cake (which you tell me you don't like) you requested apple pie. Grandma Cynthia came and joined us dinner and presents!


You celebrated with your friends a few weeks later. They came to our house we played outside and had snacks and then walked to the movie theater to watch the new, Trolls Movie. You had a blast!


Happy 7th Birthday, Bug! We love you to the moon and back again!