Dear Lilah,

Tomorrow you will wake up a four year old and you are so ready. You’ve been counting down the days until your birthday for a while now and it’s finally here. I will forever miss your adorable three year old self…I think turning four will make you officially sound like a “big” kid (ugh). But tonight, you promised me, again, that you wouldn’t move away from me, EVER, even when you are “old”. Instead, Vivianne, yourself and I will live next door to each other and we will have secret underground tunnels that connect all three of our homes together and we will use these tunnels to go to and from each others houses. I get to live in the middle house, and Dad can live with me, too, so you tell me. I laugh and give you the biggest hug as I tuck you into bed.

“Deal. I love you,” I say.

And you respond with your classic line (stolen from one of your favorite movies), “I love you MOST!”

I am so looking forward to watching you take it all in tomorrow, surrounded by your closest friends. I just know that you will have the ‘best day ever’!

Happy birthday to the absolute SWEETEST little girl I know.

Love you most,