I still like to call you my “little Lilah”, although it’s only out of habit now, as you aren’t so little anymore.



One of my favorite times is when you sunggle up next to me and you’ll quietly ask, “Do you wanna play tatooes?” You’ll ask me what kind of tatoo I want and you’ll gently trace it with your fingers…you’ll fill up my forehead, cheeks, nose, arms and hands. You’ll discuss every tatoo, what color it should be, what else you could add to it…all the while in this little whisper-like voice.


At the dinner table, we always play “high, low” and share one thing that we are each grateful for that day… your grateful is always the same…“Mom, Dad, Vivianne and Me (as you point to yourself)”. And every time you say it, you look at each person in the eye as you say their name and we all know that you really mean it.


Now, as we tuck you into your “big” girl bed at night, we love seeing how your little face peeks out from the covers. In the dark, it’s hard to tell you apart from one of your “stuffies”. Somehow in the last year, your hair has went from blonde to light brown, your shoe size from 5 to 7, your love for Dora is now a close second to Caillou and Curious George. How in the world did our little baby turn into a LITTLE GIRL? A little girl who loves to tumble, to look at books, to play with her dolls, to go to preschool. A little girl who will wait at the bottom of the stairs watching her big sister as she gets on the bus and won’t stop waving goodbye until the bus is out of sight. A little girl who will sneak out of her bed for just one more hug, just one more drink, just one more book. A little girl who is always thinking of others and has the biggest heart. I wish I could just bottle up your sweetness and keep in my pocket forever.


In two days, you will be three years old. And just thinking about it brings on a mixture of emotions. I know you are super excited about your birthday party and I know you will have a great time celebrating with all your friends and family. And, I also know I will be holding back, both happy and sad, tears…trying to remind myself to stay in the moment…soak it all up…

Happy birthday, baby girl :-)