What a beautiful way to welcome spring! Sunny skies and 80 degree temps in Lake Forest. The girls wore sundresses and sandals…I don’t EVER remember it being this warm, this early. The windows were open all day and the house smells of fresh “summery” air ;-) These past few gorgeous days have put me in the absolute best mood! After I write this, I am going to go happily pack for our visit to the twin cities to celebrate my niece’s fifth birthday! And while I’m packing for that, I am going to toss in a ton of summer clothes in my gianormous suitcase for the girls and I to wear, while we bask in the sun, in sunny Arizona with my sister, Jess, the following week! Yay! Life is good.

P.S.: I took Vivianne to get some new sandals today. It took us about 45 minutes to find the “perfect” ones. But, she finally found them.

“These are the ones, Mom! They fit just right, and they are so pretty. AND, they match my dress perfectly, don’t you think?”

My little fashionista…not yet, five years old.