Halloween, 2011

What a day!

We started and ended the day in costume ;-) Both girls came with me to the gym this morning and had fun at the gym’s daycare Halloween party/parade. Then we snuck up to Dad’s work to do a little trick-or-treating…we should have brought our buckets, they got lots of candy!

While Vivianne was at school, I took Lilah trick-or-treating to the Market Square where all the little shops and businesses had out candy. This was the first year that Lilah actually got the whole trick-or-treating concept…she was so happy and loving every bit of it and also the one-on-one with Mom! She’d just march right into the shops and make a bee line for the candy passer outter and say, “Treat!” Then after they gave her a piece she would carefully place it in her bucket and say, “tank oo!”

My Super Girl!

Lilah at Market Square Trick-or-Treating

Lilah trick-or-treating at Market Square

Taking Lilah trick-or-treating at Market Square

After Vivianne’s school Halloween party, we headed out to do some more trick-or-treating! The trick-or-treating hours began at 4:00 pm, which was so nice, it was still light outside! We finished just as it was getting dark. Both girls got TONS of candy. They had a blast! I LOVE Halloween :-)

Wooo Hooooo!


Scary faces!

Scary faces!

Treat! She says :)



My peanut!

Wagon Ride

Vivianne and Dad, Halloween Night!

Lilah, Halloween Night!

Lilah’s candy bucket actually became to heavy for her to hold at one point, but it didn’t slow her down…she was keeping up with the big girls no matter what. She has now crashed and hopefully will sleep in tomorrow morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!