Halloween, 2010

Vivianne was in heaven this entire week! I think she had three different Halloween parties that she went to, plus trick-or-treating last night. She LOVES to dress up! Everyday feels like Halloween in our house, aside from the candy part :-)

The park district sponsored a Halloween party last weekend, where she dressed as Snow White (last year’s costume). They had a magic show, jumping castles, halloween games…she had fun. We dressed Lilah in Vivianne’s old cat costume. She wanted to go in the jumping castle so bad…she even tried to climb in it herself, poor thing wants to be a big girl so badly! She finally settled for crawling all around on the gymnasium floor.

More games Lilah

Vivianne’s preschool had a party on Friday. I took Lilah to the gym daycare where they had a party too! This time Lilah wore Vivianne’s old cheerleader costume. The teachers took the kids and paraded them around the gym and took them upstairs to trick-or-treat in the offices. I saw them pass by with Lilah and she was holding onto some piece of candy just smiling away…she thought she was BIG stuff for sure ;-)

On Saturday, Lake Forest had it’s Annual Trick-or-Treating dowtown at the market square. What a gorgeous day it turned out to be. Both girls dressed as princesses! This year some local businesses sponsored a haunted pumpkin patch. There was music, candy, spooky hot dogs, you name it, it was there. They even had a couple of caricature artists on hand. We got one done of the girls together. we met Vivianne’s friend, Isabel, there and they both had a blast dancing around and trick-or-treating at the local shops.

Trick-or-treating with Isabel Belle and a Clown
Dancing to the music Dancing to the music

Here’s a little video…notice Lilah’s little head bob moves, she was feeling the music boy!


Last night we went to a friend’s Halloween party. More jumping castle fun for Vivianne and she decorated a pumpkin too. Afterwards, we took them both trick-or-treating. It was VERY chilly last night, so we got bundled up:-) It was so much fun! Next year will be even better, when Lilah can walk.


We hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!