Dear Vivianne,

Tonight I will tuck you into bed as a five year old for the very last time. Tomorrow, when you wake up, you’ll be six. You are so excited. We are celebrating your birthday with fifteen of your best buddies at the Gymnastics Club and also a little celebration at home just for us ;-) I am really going to miss you being five. This has been such a fun age. Your personality is bigger than life right now. I wonder, if I will ever love another age more than I do this one…

I love watching you hoola hoop like a rockstar.
I love hearing about how much you love kindergarten and how much your teachers like you.
I love how you give Lilah the best hugs before you get on the bus, even when she’s in a bad mood.
I love that you love to help me with anything and everything.
I love the sound of your laugh.
I love that you practiced standing on your head a million times until you finally nailed it.
I love discovering little love notes you’ve left for me around the house.
I love that your self-esteem doesn’t need a boost.
I love listening to YOU read to ME.
I love that you don’t ever have to sit alone at school or on the bus.
I love that you love dancing, gymnastics, singing, swimming, and art.
I love that a box of crayons and some plain white paper can entertain you for hours.
Vivianne Hoola Hooping (5 Years)

But most of all, I love that you love just being with Dad and I. Just being with us. Doesn’t matter what we are doing, or where we are going…you just want “in”…gosh, I love that.

Tonight, I’m going to raise my glass and make a special toast to you…to a great year of being five and to being “all in” all the time!


I love you, peanut. More than you’ll ever know.


Mom -xoxo