Last week, the girls and I made up a few of these little bags (thank you, again, pinterest for the idea!) to hang on our neighbor’s doors…we were “sprinkling a little cheer” said my fifteen five year old :-)

Merry Kissmas

We also spent an afternoon “crafting” our lil’ group of snowmen…can you tell which one is supposed to be Thomas? Vivianne says, “Dad needs a hat, not ear muffs, boys don’t wear ear muffs” LOL. If you’ve got an empty toilet paper roll around the house…you, too, could make your very own set. He hee.

Snowmen Craft

Our, “Elf on the Shelf”, Juanto appeared…the girls went wild…so far we have two very behaved little girls…

Elf on the Shelf

And this weekend, I had two very solid helpers for tree decorating this year. They were focused. Dedicated to the cause. Determined to hang every single ornament they could onto the tree, at their level, thus we have many, many bulbs on the bottom of the tree. At one point, I said to Lilah, “Hon, why don’t we try and hang a few in a spot where there isn’t any.” I watch her grab the next bulb, she pauses…I know that she wants to add it to her massive collection that she has going on at one of the bottom branches, but I can tell she is definitely thinking about my suggestion. She moves out of her unspoken"zone" on the tree and walks around it to the back of the tree, which is against a wall, mind you, and squeezes her itty bitty arm between the wall and the tree and manages to hang the oranment. “There,” she says proudly, “I put it where there wasn’t any.” she tells me. I nod. Yep. Yep, you definitely did…Small steps (sigh). Luckily, we have a zillion ornaments, so what once was a “bottom-heavy” tree, I managed to balance out to be an “entire-heavy” tree…Does that make sense? Our tree looks a bit like you swallowed a neon rainbow and threw up…in a good way, that is :-) It was exactly what the girls wanted. I compromised and took the white lights off the tree and let them use the colored ones (they are more “Christmasy” Vivianne said). They LOVE it, and I suppose we do too ;-) I will take some pics and post soon!

Tom raked today. December 2nd. I think we finally got the last of the leaves. LOL…where is the snow, people? Geez.
I helped him bag…I’m pretty sure there are close to twenty bags in front of our house lined up near the curb for pick up tomorrow morning. I kid you not.
I vaguely remember saying something like this to Thomas last spring, “Oh, honey, when we buy a house I want it to be in a neighborhood with lots of trees. Lot’s of big, mature trees. Wouldn’t that be great!?!?”
Today all I could say was, “AHHHHHHH!!!!”
Kidding…a little;-)

Hope you all have a great week!