Finally, a nice sunny day!

Yesterday was one of the first nice days we have had in a long while. The sun actually stayed out the entire day with temperatures in the mid 80s.

So we take off for the beach only to get there to find out that it wasn’t safe to go into the water due to the increased bacteria levels, probably caused by the crazy thunderstorm we had the night before. We played in the sand a bit, but the water was just too tempting for Vivianne so we decided to try out the pool in Lake Bluff (neighboring suburb). We were blown away by the beautiful facility. It’s only about a 5 minute drive from our place. They had a separate gated pool for the youngsters. I think you would call it a zero entry pool, where you can just walk right in, no steps, so perfect for the little ones, at its deepest it may be 1.5 feet deep. There was even a slide in the middle. Towards the end she got brave enough to go down the slide and once she finally did, it was all she wanted to do. We had so much fun watching her, she kept saying she was a mermaid :-) She played and played and CRIED and CRIED when we left. This was by far the worst she has ever protested when we had to leave anywhere. If it would have been up to her, she would have stayed there all day long. Here are a couple of pictures of her!

Here I come!

Almost there...

I made it!

Swimming pool