On Wednesday, we were blessed with another little tease of this “Spring-like” weather, so an impromtu picnic at the beach sounded just about right…well, right for us very anxious for spring kind of people ;-) Besides one other like-minded crazy family, we had the whole place to ourselves, our very own private paradise.

Vivianne and Lilah at the beach

The beach is so magnificently beautiful. When you are there you feel so alive…and yet, so relaxed. It’s almost as if you have somehow secretly escaped from the “real” world momentarily.

I love the fact that Lilah is pretty much at this age now where I don’t have to be this giant shadow behind her at the park, I can just sort of let her go on her own and sit back and enjoy the view ;-)


*Dedicating this post to Grandma Cynthia up in Alaska, who has endured over 100+ inches of snow this winter season. I’m thinking she’s probably more anxious than anyone for Spring to arrive this year ;-)