The resort was running a special in celebration of “Fat Tuesday” that included Mardi Gras activities like face painting, stilt walkers, and “fun-tivities” like make your own jester hats and Mardi Gras masks, a special appearance by “Captain Jack” and even a parade followed by King cake for all. That all sounded like fun…so I signed us up ;-)

We got checked in Tuesday afternoon about 1:00 pm. We suited up and hit the waterpark first thing. The girls had a great time. Lilah and I could have “rocked” out the “lazy river” float ride all day long ;-) Vivianne went on some of the faster slides with Thomas while Lilah and I chilled at the 0 depth spray area.

Swim time

Girls at KeyLime Cove

Lilah @ KeyLime Cove

Miss Vivianne @ KeyLime Cove

After a bit we decided to get the kids some treats.

Snack time @KeyLime Cove

Then we decided we should get ourselves some treats ;-)

Just for the "big" kids ;-)

Vivianne and Dad

I am sure you have heard of those resorts that have a separate spa for kids, this place had one. It was seriously over-priced, 40 bucks a pop is what they were asking to paint some sparkles on their fingers and toes—-who does that, right?!? But, then we found out you could actually drop them off there and go somewhere else, like away, by yourself…

Lilah getting her nails done @ KeyLime Cove

Lilah's toes :-)

Getting their nails done @ KeyLime Cove

Vivianne's toes

We had a beer and a conversation, it was totally worth it :-)

By then it was “craft” time! They were making their own jester hats. I volunteered Dad to assist. Dad tried to help. Dad struggled. Dad got pissed. Dad found out he didn’t really like craft projects.

But goddamnit, when it was over, Lilah had a hat, even if she didn’t like it.

Jester hat made by Lilah and Dad

We had dinner and guess who stopped by our table???

Captain Jack and the girls @ KeyLime Cove

Captain Jack gave the girls their very own pirate bandanas…

My Little Pirate


We enter the arcade.

“Let’s play some games,” they yell.

“Ok” we say.

They run and push every button possible…this one doesn’t work very good, and on to the next, and the next…neither of them work that well without money, but who’s telling? Ssssshhhhhh ;-) They still had fun.

Arcade @ KeyLime Cove

Now, it was almost time for the parade…Lilah just needed to see is she could scale the wall first.

Lilah climbing the walls @ KeyLime Cove

Waiting for the parade…

Girls getting ready to watch the parade

Day 2: Wake up, breakfast, more swimming, more arcade games that don’t work well, more art projects, more food…checkout.

KeyLime Cove

Girls with Dad @ KeyLime Cove

She made it!

Lilah going down the slide

Water Play

Having fun in the water

Vivianne @ KeyLime Cove


Art Time @ KeyLime Cove


Oh, wait…we forgot ice cream!

Ice cream time

Ice Cream time


Showing their “kiss” faces…for Dad…who was already back at work by this time…(sorry about the flash)

Being Silly

Whoa! Lips

We LOVED KeyLime Cove. Absolutely loved it :-)