Ever play the game high/low?

My conversation with the librarian yesterday:

Librarian (In her super sweet, almost syrupy voice): Oooooo…looks like we’ve got a baby due soon!

Me (Smiling): Yes, I guess so, October.

Librarian: Ohhhh, I think it will be here before then!

I have no response as I am not really sure what to make of that comment. I just kind of smile and hand her my materials for check out.

Librarian (In her now giddy voice, looking at me almost with a twinkle in her eye) : Twins??

There’s a slight pause for my brain to actually register what she has just said/implied. I wonder if my facial expression matches at all what I am feeling inside.

Librarian (Very quietly now): Or is it just one?

Me (Smiling…trying to play it off like it was no BIG deal) : Nope, just one.

She hands me my stuff and I start to walk away.

Librarian: (Realizing now that she may have put her foot in her mouth, follows up with) : You really do look great!

…Yea….that was my DEFINITE low!

I leave the library feeling like a tank and head to go pick up Vivianne from camp. Another mom whose daughter goes to the same camp greets me as I come out. She asks me how I’m feeling. I tell her I was feeling pretty darn good up until my previous encounter at the library and I proceed to tell her what happened. She is appalled. She then goes on to tell me that a good friend of hers had a baby two months ago and that friend recently went to a wedding where someone said to her, “I thought you already had your baby?”

WOW! Who are these people!

I do believe there is such a thing as pregnancy etiquette. If you don’t know, DON’T ASK!