So most of you know, that I don’t really follow politics, I am aware of who is running and the broad overview of where they stand, but I definitely can’t sit around and shoot the shit with anyone who really knows anything. Today is Voting day and to be perfectly honest with you I wasn’t planning on going. Horrible, right? I know. I think so, too. What kind of an example am I setting…I know, I know. You know what is even worse…that “social media” aka FaceBook actually guilted me into it…yep, guess that stuff works. Anywho, I decide to go…but then, being I wasn’t planning on going, realize I don’t even know where my designated poll place is located. So I try out the googles, as well as text message one of my neighbors. She actually responds faster than the internet…scary, huh?! Love her!

So I pack up Lilah, some milk for her and some gummy snacks along with her stroller and set off for this American duty. We get there. The line is long. But, we’re cool, we got snacks and cell phone service, so we’re good. A woman comes around down the line and asks whether there is anyone who may need to register to vote. Hmmmmmm…instant panic going on in my head as I fear that, yes, I will need to register to vote, I moved to another state this summer. Why panic, right? Well, the thing is that I have not yet updated my Drivers License. ARG!!!! I know this will pose a problem. BUT, on our little adventure to the poll site, I had stopped at the end of the driveway to get our mail. Most of it I shoved into my purse. So here I am feverishly going through it, do I have a bill…praying that I have a bill with our current address…(I have never prayed for bills)…oddly, I have none. But I am already at the front of the registering station, so I sit down and proceed to give my explanation…after checking with about 3 different authorities in the building as to see whether the flyer I have from Michaels with my address on it will count…the woman gives me the bad news. Then, she asks me, “Is there anyone that can vouch for you?” I had no idea what the hell she meant. Clearly by my answer that was evident as I reply, “Like if I call someone and give you the phone?” Yes, I really said that. I am an IDIOT! I know. Now we all know.

So, I start to gather my things and another woman comes up to the registering table and says, “I can vouch for her. She just moved into my neighborhood!”

Oh my gosh. Really? What are the odds that one of my neighbors would be there and overhear our conversation at that very moment. Crazy. Anyway, my neighbor voted. She comes back and signs (vouched) the back of my registration form, and viola, I am cleared to vote. Yikes, right! ha! ha!

So end of story, I voted…Look out America :-)