Easter Weekend with the Kerstens!

We had such a great Easter. John and Kris took us all to Edinborough Park, which is this amazing indoor park for kids. There were tons of slides and obstacle type things that you had to climb through or over, I was exhausted chasing after Vivianne. I wish there was something like this in Lake Forest…what a work out I could get!

Got you!

The girls had fun playing outside and John took them for a little ride on the 4-Wheeler. I think Vivianne is saying, “Vrooom, vrooom” and Sidney is saying, “Weeee!”


Here’s a picture of Vivianne with her cousins, Kaitlyn and Sidney, in their Easter dresses. They were all so good in church!

The Easter Bunny was very good to Vivianne, all-in-all she got 5 Easter baskets! She really liked the necklaces. She would put them ALL on and say, " I Princess, I princess!"

Our flower child