Vivianne, Easter Egg Hunt

The girls had fun, both hiding and finding the eggs this year. Each girl had their own “color” of egg to look for…which worked out nicely.

Sidney and Vivianne hunting for eggs

It’s funny to think that last year’s Easter they were barefoot on the beach…now this year, they’re bundled up with boots.


This is my attempt at getting a good picture of all of them together…all together, yes, good, eh’ not so much…


Love this picture…(1) Vivianne has a mouth full of candy (2) Sid is giving us the bad ass “look” (3) Kaitlyn has got that gleam in her eye…somethings going to happen, we just aren’t sure what…(4) Lilah is doing her classic pose “not looking at the camera what-so-ever” and (5) Lillian has discovered chocolate…she’s probably wondering how we know…