Easter morning…looking for the Easter Bunny.


My Easter Bunnies

Vivianne found her basket right away, Lilah struggled a bit, looking everywhere but the bathtub, where it was hidden ;-)

Easter Morning, 2012

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for our little Easter Egg Hunt this morning :-) Vivianne and Lilah were SO excited to have their cousins, Sidney, Kailtyn and baby Lil, join us at Lake Forest Beach and so were we ;-)

We pull into the parking lot, the girls jump out of the car and run up ahead. When we finally catch up with them, we find four pairs of little dress shoes scattered on the edge of the sand. There was fun to be had and they knew it. We look out towards the lake to see four little bare-footed blondies skipping in the sand. Only the bravest toes tickling the water.

Cousins at Lake Forest Beach

Girls playing on the sand

Family Photo, Easter 2012

Vivianne, 5 years old!!!!!

We gave the little girls a head start on finding their eggs…but the big girls jumped in soon enough ;-) And the hunt was on…

Lilah finding her 1st eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt

Afterwards, they all sat on the grass together and opened their eggs to find candies, stickers, and other trinkets and toys to trade or keep. Memories were definitely made.

Cousins, Easter Morning!

Easter 2012

Happy Easter to You and Yours!