Easter 2010

The girls and I spent the past week in MN and Thomas drove up after work on Friday to join us. We had a great time! I can’t remember a nicer Easter Sunday! The day prior we dyed eggs and put them in the kids’ Easter baskets. Then we told them to go hide them somewhere in the house so the “Easter Bunny” would find them and replace the dyed eggs with other goodies…well all three baskets ended up in the same spot behind the chair in the living room. We just laughed…I guess given the fact that they were even hidden at all is impressive. Maybe next year they will get more creative!

On Easter morning, they’re digging through their baskets and Vivianne squeals, “Look at this, Mommy, look at this!” By the sound of her voice you’d think she had a puppy in there.

I ask her, “What is it?”

Her smile is as big as her face and exclaims, “I don’t know!”

She was so darn excited, she didn’t even care! Apparently a slinky is pretty cool though.

Vivianne enjoyed the Easter egg hunt again this year and so did the squirrels :-) The little critters broke open some of the plastic eggs and devoured the contents!

Easter 2010
Papa and Lilah Lilah didn’t hunt for any eggs she just chilled inside this year…

Lots more pictures can be found here.