Didier Farms, 2010 (Pumpkin Patch/Carnival)

Another year for one… Vivianne (Didier Farms 2010)
A very first for another… Lilah (Didier Farms, 2010)
Cuteness at it's finest Kiddos

The wind in her hair, the feel of the saddle in her hands, not a care in the world…just as it should be.

Vivianne on the pony ride

The girl with a million expressions…

love that face Pony girl
DSC01691 DSC01689
Here we come… Here we come!
Let’s do it again! We made it!
And AGAIN, repeat. Raise your hand up!

Jumping castles equate to endless fun…

Jumping jumping...
the joys that a ... jumping...
Our little pumpkin…

Rest assured, we've got the BEST pumpkin!

This is the one…

This one!

Or, maybe this one…
No, this one!

Or could it be this is the one….

Hmmmm...maybe this one?

Now wait a minute, let me take a look at these…
Now, wait a minute, let me take a look at these

Rest assured, we picked these guys, the two best pumpkins in the patch!

We took those two :-)