Daycare Winter Holiday Show, 2008

The Winter Holiday Show’s theme was December Holidays Celebrated All Over the World. Vivianne’s class performed a little skit to “It’s Kwanzaa Time.” Kwanzaa is an African holiday. All the kids were suppose to wear bright bold colors. They lined up at one end of the gym and were suppose to walk across the gym, holding a gift in honor of Kwanzaa and put it on the table. After that, they were to sit down and play with the Kwanzaa sticks to the beat of the music.

The first four kids had already gone and the video begins with her turn (she’s in purple, with the multi-colored leg warmers holding the candlesticks). We didn’t think she was going to make it at first, she started to go off course, but was quickly re-directed by a teacher. She was moving at turtle-speed and was passed once or twice by a fellow classmate;-) Thomas said she must have been doing all she could to stall so she could soak up the spotlight!

Without further adieu, our star: