Daisy Scouts

This project was done in early December when we hosted Vivianne’s Daisy Scout Troop’s Outing at our house. They made these cookie mixes to give as a gift during the holidays. We set up a sort of assembly line and each girl filled their own jar. Surprisingly, it went smoothly and we even finished early! Vivianne gave hers to Dad as an “early Christmas gift”.

Girl Scout Project

Last night the troop met at the Veterinarian Clinic for a private tour. They all loved it! They got to see a few animals and that was definitely a high point. I think they are all animal lovers, so it was a perfect event.

Next month, they are taking the girls on a sledding outing. How fun is that?

Vivianne seems to be really enjoying it. She is going to start selling cookies very soon! She is pumped. I wonder how many boxes we are going to end up buying…LOL!