Christmas Wreath Project

I had all of these ornaments from our “pre-parent” days…ones that I had loved. The kids, however, couldn’t understand why I would want ornaments that “weren’t colored” ;-)

old x-mas ornaments

I came across a blogpost that showed how to make a wreath out of your old ornaments by using only a wire hanger and a hot glue gun. So I decided to give it a whirl.

Here’s a picture of it part way through and my helpers…up on the counter with a hot glue gun…yea, not really safe, I know, but all ended well. Basically, you just hot glue the top of the ornament to the ornament so when you slide it on the hanger they don’t pop off! The one in the article turned out super cute!

mid way through the wreath project

After we got all the ornaments on the hanger, Thomas helped me close it using a plyers and bending the wires together.


Then we just added a ribbon and it was finished :-) Easy Peasy! It might be fun to go hit the stores now and get some bulbs for half off or more and make one for Easter using colors like the one in the blogpost! Anywho, if you’ve got some old bulbs and didn’t know what to do with them, now you’ve got an idea!

Christmas wreath