We had the best Christmas EVER this year...although, I feel like I say that every year, but it really feels like its the best each year, lol! I just love our little family so much and we have the best time together. We ended up not going to Church this year (gasp!) we had every intention of going (as you can see the girls are all dressed up in the pictures) and then at the last minute we ended up skipping, sort of wish we would have went, but then, again, sort of glad we stayed home too! We opened presents for what seemed like hours, because it WAS! Holy smokes there were a TON of gifts under that tree. I have most of it on video, but it's way too long, I couldn't even upload it to YouTube, so that video is just saved in the cloud somewhere...Thomas will know how to get to it when I feel the urge to go back and watch it, cause that's totally going to happen for sure! I fricking love home videos, they are the BEST! I just looked and I currently have 109 videos on YouTube, wowzers! That's crazy!

We ended up getting the girls a Nintendo Switch for Christmas as their "Magic String" gift! This was something they never asked for...I think they were shocked when they opened it. It was close to ten o'clock at night when we got it set up and they played on it until midnight. The next morning (Christmas DAY!) they both slept in...which they NEVER do. Thomas and I are just hanging out in the living room, waiting for them to wake up and come down stairs and see what Santa brought them. Finally, around 9:00 o'clock, we heard someone stirring and down the stairs they quietly stepped and didn't even come in the living room, but went right into the "blue" room, and turned on the Nintendo Switch, LOL!

And I yelled, "Merry Christmas!"

And Lilah replied, "Merry Christmas!"

I asked her, "Aren't you going to come see what Santa brought you?"

And she responded by saying she will just wait for Vivianne to wake up and then they can do it together! This is for real. Then Vivianne wakes up, and she goes directly to the blue room too and grabs a controller and joins Lilah. They played for a good 45 minutes before they were "ready" to come see what Santa brought! I'm thinking the Switch was an enormous HIT!!!

We all went to see the movie, Aquaman, in the theaters that afternoon. We decided last year, to make going to the movies on Christmas Day one of our family traditions! It is so fun. I didn't even realize the theaters were open on Christmas Day until last year! I love that our little hometown theater is just down a hop and a skip down the road.

We played games, had lots of snacks, and watched movies the entire break. We are so truly blessed.

*PS: Please ignore all the mess that is going on...we have all the new cabinets that are going into the basement in the blue room! Oh, the basement, hopefully next Christmas is will be done, lol!

Magic String, 2018