Christmas 2016 Highlights

1)Stayed home - No traveling ;-)
2)Ate delicious food
3)Wore our PJS like is was our job
4)Played Pie Face with the kids
5)Began teaching Vivianne how to play cards
6)Watched lots of TV/Movies
7)Put all housework on hold
8) Snacks that turned into meals
9)Santa came!
10)Had fun with our puppy

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The "Magic String" was a little bit of a surprise/joke this year...we had told the girls when we bought Harley in November that she would be their Christmas gift...we wanted to make sure they didn't forget ;-) Ha! She's such a sweet puppy!


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Family Picture

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These two ladies received EVERYTHING they had wished for and then some...


**We started one new tradition this year. There were 24 wrapped Christmas books underneath the tree and we were suppose to unwrap one per night (beginning Dec.1st) to read. Some books ended up being longer than others, so we didn't get through all of them, but we are packing them away and will try and give it a go, again, next year! The ones we did finish were a hit!