We were home, again, this year for Christmas, which was wonderful. Tom took the entire break off! We were thankful not to have been on the road, thankful that we could set our own pace, thankful we could literally hang out in our pajamas all day every day if we wanted (which we totally did), thankful we live minutes from urgent care and were able to get antibiotics for both Vivianne and Tom the day before Christmas Eve to get them on the mend so that they could truly enjoy the holidays, and, thankful that even though we don't regularly attend church, that our girls were still able to participate in the reenactment of the Christmas Story during the Christmas Eve service (Vivianne was an angel, Lilah was a donkey).


There were many cups of hot cocoa, many trips to the kitchen for cookies and christmas treats, many days of rest and relaxation and of course, FUN. We were able to see some family and lots of friends. AND, we FINALLY got snow...the day after Christmas. I think it was Mother Nature's present to all school age kids (and parents) everywhere, or at least in the upper Midwest, anyway ;-) It was a very Merry Christmas, indeed.