Girls in front of the Christmas tree 2012

I actually took this picture tonight…I would have liked to have taken it on Christmas Eve but Vivianne was not feeling well and so we were just so happy that she was able to join us for a short time to open presents so I didn’t want to push my luck with a photo session. She had been sick for 5 days…the throwing up kind of sick. If she wasn’t vomiting, she was sleeping, and if she wasn’t doing either of those she was in the bath tub, as that seemed like the only thing that made her feel better. Our little girl, who loves to be right in the middle of things, was content being alone in her room, tucked tight into her bed. She threw up for the last time on Christmas Day…but, thankfully, by the end of the week, was back to her old happy, social little self. We are so grateful to have two healthy little girls, that is by far, the best Christmas present we could ever ask for.

My mom and dad spent the week with us. They watched the girls for us while Thomas and I snuck away to downtown Minneapolis for an overnight stay and to watch the Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform…oh my…it was phenomenal! My brother and Krissy came up and joined us all for Christmas and then came up, again, the following weekend. It was so fun seeing everyone. I wish holidays came around more often.

We slept downstairs with the girls Christmas Eve, sort of camped out, waiting for Santa…they didn’t make it too late before they fell fast asleep. They were both very happy to wake up and find that Santa had answered both of their wishes…Vivianne got a magic set and a snow globe & Lilah got a beauty shop chair for her dolls and a snow globe. Their stockings were full of trinkets and candy and the cutest little fuzzy slippers you ever saw :-) We spent the rest of the day playing with new toys, eating good food, playing games, and laughing a lot. We made our traditional “snowmen sundaes” for a late night treat. And before we knew it, Christmas was over. Just like that (sigh)…until next year.

Here are a few pictures taken either on/before/or after Christmas: