Thomas and I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas this year! We spent the holiday with our families back in ND. Santa was very good to us again this year…I think “Baby Kersten” had the most presents under the tree, we can’t imagine what it will be like after he/she is born…there’s a good posibility the baby will be just a tad bit spoiled :-) Thank goodness for grandparents and aunts and uncles!

Thomas and I were surprised at how much the big town of Bottineau has changed. We don’t get back there too often, so it was a bit of shock to drive down Main Street and see the different store names and such. My parents recently moved into a new home, so they don’t occupy the old house on Ohmer Street any longer…they now live on the East side of town with all the cool people. However, Thomas’ ol stomp (Kramer) has stood the test of time, no changes there.

We had a great time hanging out with our families and visiting with old friends. The time flew by and before we knew it we were heading back home. It was a great trip!

Although…I am quite disappointed with myself as far as the amount of photos I took. I have only a whopping three to share with you.

My sister, brother and I outside my parent’s house.

Jeremy, Jess, and Dad at the land my parents purchased North of Bottineau.

Dad, Jess and Jer at Mystical Horizons…Point of Interest, NW of Bottineau…nuff said.