Friday was also Chanhassen Elementary's 2nd Annual Fun Run! We all participated. There was a raffle held prior to the race and I ended up winning 3 prizes (I spent $20 in tickets)! I wasn't there when they called the winners because as soon as we finished the race I had to take Vivianne home, clean her up, and get her ready for her dance competition pictures. We literally had 15 minutes to do hair, makeup and costume...we barely made it, but we did! Phew!

Lilah called me on Thomas' phone while I was waiting for V to get done with her team pictures and told me I had won! I was so excited.

I won a huge gift basket from Chuck & Dons (local pet boutique store) which was filled with treats and toys...I really wanted this for Harley! I can't believe I got it. I threw most of my tickets in this raffle bucket.

I also won a Spalon Montage $25.00 gift certificate, which, hey, is pretty much the perfect gift for me!

And, I won a month membership to a Yoga Studio ($175 value)! Guess I have no excuses now! lol!

I definitely scored big!

The girls had an absolute blast and had all sorts of color dust all over them by the time they finished. It is such a cool event, I am excited for next year:-)