I decided to move my site over to a blogging system called “”http://www.wordpress.org">WordPress". It is a pretty decent piece of software that I am still trying to get used to.

The biggest sellers for me were the ease of setup (at most 5 minutes) and the handy little bookmarklet I noticed it generated for me when I logged into my “test” setup which allows me to make a post any time by clicking a button on my bookmarks bar…regardless of the site I am visiting. So…if I find a site with something I like & want to share, I click a button, put a blurb, and , it will show up on my site within seconds of me clicking “Publish”.

The drawbacks of the system are few…but…I preferred the flexibility (through CSS) and extremely clean layout of another piece of software called “”http://www.textpattern.com/“>Textpattern”, but was not ready to dive into all the work of getting it to where I would be content with it. One example of a site that used TextPattern is JMRHoades.com. I love the photo-blog setup they have…very clean…easy to use…fun to look at (for me). However, “just throwing” that together wasn’t quite as easy as this was…and because I have only so much time and too much on my plate as it is…I went with WordPress.

I have a good feeling their will be an increased number of postings from here on out because of the bookmarklets button I have on my browser now…which is more important than a fancy looking site…IMO. If you are interested in playing with the software, sign up for an account and I will be happy to grant you “posting” priveleges. I’m willing to bet you will get hooked on this stuff…at least to some degree.

Also, don’t forget to check out the new sub-domain I set up: http://photos.whitespur.com (notice link on right…for future reference).

I expect interface changes to be coming to the site soon. Until the, please bear with the green-ness. Let me know what you think of the new setup…