Milwaukee with the cousins...

The girls and I met up with my sister and her family this past weekend in the great state of's about half way for »

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

Who would have guessed that MN's largest candy store was just a half hour from our house! There were so many "throw backs"...pop rocks, pixie »


Weekend at Grandma's...

The girls spent the weekend at Grandma Cynthia's with their cousins, Sidney & Kaitlyn! Even second cousin, Noah, stopped over for some play time. They had »


Proud Mom Moment #6,204,297...

Just got this email from Lilah's 1st grade teacher: Jenny & Tom--- Lilah's reading: I am aware of the fact that Lilah is a phenomenal reader! »


1st Day of School (2016)

Lilah and Vivianne had a great 1st day of school! They both are super happy with the teachers they have and the friends that are in »

Girls' Trip, 2016

The girls and I set off for some good old North Dakota adventures this summer. We visited Medora, which was so much fun. We played at »

Goodbye, Summer 2016!

Whoa! We had a fantastic summer...filled with some camps/activities, road trips, camping, time with friends, park visits, downtime, family time, and lots, and lots »

Lilah's Soccer Season Ends

The Skyhawks are officially done for the season. I am looking forward to having our Saturday mornings free again;-) Ol' #25 is retiring...whether it's »