The company Thomas works for here in Chicago also has an office in Bloomington, MN. Earlier this year, they had asked him if he would be interested in potentially transferring to MN, knowing that he would be closer to family. After some major discussion, we decided to go for it! We put our condo on the market at the end of March in the hopes that we could try and rent it, because trying to sell it would cost us a small fortune in today’s housing market :-( Our plan was to move to Minnesota sometime this summer after Vivianne finished preschool.

But, one week ago today, things got CRAZY! Our realtor called us and said, “We’ve received an offer!”

Already! Whoa!!!!!! We were so excited and relieved…the only catch was our soon-to-be tenants wanted to move-in in TWO weeks. What?!?!?!?

I was, and still am, in a word, OVERWHELMED.

We spent the weekend in MN house hunting. Came back late Sunday night and began the packing process Monday morning. We are almost done boxing. Tomorrow and Thursday we will be loading everything into the trailors and Friday will be spent cleaning and preparing our place for the renters. And, Saturday…as in four days from now…we will be Minnesota bound…Amazing.