Beach snack :-)

How cute is this little “beachy” snack!!!

I saw this idea on pinterest and forgot to pin it, so I can’t give credit to whoever thought of it, but I’ll admit it wasn’t me. We used vanilla pudding cups, crushed graham crackers (for the sand), blue sugar sprinkles (for the water), life savor gummies (for the floaty), teddy grahams (for the teddy), fruit roll ups (for the towel), goldfish (for the fish), and tooth pick umbrellas for decoration (found them at Party City).

All you need!

Aside from gathering the ingredients, crushing the graham crackers was the most time consuming part of this project…so yes, it was VERY easy. The girls had fun. We really got into the “beach” theme. I told them they could wear their swimsuits and they thought that was the neatest thing…so funny, they wear their suits all the time, but I guess not very often just hanging out at home ;-)

Let's begin!

Hard at work

Vivianne's creation

Lilah's creation!

Once they were finished with their beach snack creation, they got to eat them, for which they were equally excited!

Beach Party

Afterwards, we went for a swim in the “pool” with Barbie and bubbles!

Swim in the "pool" with Barbie!

This was a fun way to pass a couple of hours (no school today because of the holiday!) and get primed for our waterpark trip to KeyLime Cove tomorrow! It will be our first time there, so I’ll have to let you know how it goes. Thomas is taking the day off, so the girls and I are super pumped. It’ll be a fun little overnight getaway :-)