BB#18 a party no one will forget! For starters, it rained so hard, that our grass was washed out in some areas. We thought no one would come because of how bad the weather was...but, boy were we wrong! I think we might have had record attendance and for sure record donations of $9000.00. We gave to 5 different charities!

There were so many raffle items this year, and an inpromptu auction of Cynthia's apron!

We ended up raising $4000 dollars for this special family...

Thomas made homemade pastrami, so we had rebuen sandwiches, jerk chicken, bacon jalapeno poppers, barbeque baked beans, and desserts! We went through a LOT of alcohol. We couldn't have the yard games tournament due to the weather, so that has been postponed until next year! I can hardly wait!