I am back from vacation…phyisically anyway. Thomas is still in Europe and will be for a few more weeks while he finishes up some stuff for work.

I left Copenhagen Monday, September 11 and flew into the Charles de Gaul Airport in Paris to catch my connecting flight back to Chicago. I literally was checked by security seven different times before boarding my connecting flight as was each and every other person. They even had three armed guards at the gate ready to some serious damage if need be. So by the time we boarded, I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous flying back on the anniversay of the 2001 attacks…I figured if a terrorist could fool seven different security check points then there is no stopping them.

The trip was unbelievable. Greece was breathtaking! And I loved Copenhagen, it was very quaint and green! I will go into more detail in future posts and upload photos too, but for now I am still getting acclimated to everyday life and catching up on much needed sleep!

Stay tuned…