1st Haircut

I had been toying with the idea of cutting Vivianne’s hair for quite some time. I would vacillate back and forth on whether I should cut it or just let it grow. Her hair took SO long to grow in the first place that to cut it meant having to wait all over again for it to grow back. But, it was getting to the point of looking a bit scragglish in the back (her hair in the front is growing at an entirely different speed, hence the mullet-like style) so we agreed it was best to get it trimmed.

We brought her to KidSnips, a salon designed especially for little kids. The stylist’s stations have little automobile seats and mini TVs with DVD players. Each child is allowed to pick out a movie prior to getting in the chair and Vivianne picked Dora the Explorer, of course. She was completely at ease watching Dora while the lady cut her hair. She didn’t cry or squirm to get out once. We were amazed. The stylist asked us if we wanted to have her cut bangs and we told her that we eventually would like for her hair to all be the same length, so she said she wouldn’t touch the front and would only trim the back. Vivianne hardly has any hair in the front to begin with so we kinda laughed. It looks like she has bangs, but her hair hasn’t grown in yet in the front :-)

Getting a trim Snip

She got this little certificate and they included a lock of her hair. Vivianne looks a little crabby in the picture, but she wasn’t at all.

Vivianne's 1st haircut certificate

Here is a before and after of the back of her hair.

Back-Before the cut Back-After the cut

She was able to pick out a complimentary balloon, sucker and a necklace. It was a great first experience!