Last Tuesday was the first day of school for 2018-2019! Lilah started third grade and Vivianne began her first year at the middle school (6th grade).

Lilah had an absolutely awesome first week. She loves her teacher (Vivianne had the same teacher for 4th grade!) She has some of her really good friends in her class as well, so that is awesome. It is a multi-age 3/4 classroom. So half of the students are third graders and half are 4th graders.


Vivianne's week was more of an emotional roller coaster, but it ended on a high, so that is good!. She was so excited the first day, but came home bummed because the schedule she had been given wasn't really what they planned on following, so she felt it was a bit like unorganized chaos. Then, the next day, she lost her folder, that her notebooks and iPod...but, ended up finding it the next day, but forgot her band instrument at home! Thankfully, I was able to run it up to the school for her, but then she forgot to bring it home...but, Friday was a hit...still forgot the band instrument, but hey, it's the first week, so I'll cut her some slack. She told me she is really good at her locker combination now and the bus isn't that bad ;-) She is going to have an awesome year!