1st Day of 3rd Grade (Vivianne)


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A great 1st day was had by this young lady! She really likes her teacher and her classroom setup (they have long tables where they can sit in groups, and no assigned seating!)They even have a couch in her classroom, and they are allowed to sit there! She is in the 3/4 multiage classroom. There are 14 third graders and 12 fourth graders. She thinks she has a pretty good class, two of her closest friends are in there with her. Her room has a connecting door to another 3/4 multiage classroom, where a couple of her other very close friends are...both classrooms have lunch and recess together, so she gets to see all her buddies every day:-) She gets her chrome book (laptop) at school today (day 3)and she is so excited to bring it home and show us! And this year, she gets her OWN locker! BONUS ;-)

I'm thinking she is going to have an awesome year.